Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Topical Products

Desperately wanted to look good again and regain my self confidence, got myself dozens of these products. According to instructions, I had to apply them once or twice a day even some of them literally stinks. Almost all of these products claim that it needs at least 3 months or more to see improvement and results. Imagine the time and money I have invested in order to test and hoping that they can help regrow my hair. What products I have tested you may ask? I don't know whether i'm suppose to name any products here so I guess I better not because they all didn't work for me and that they are all bullshit, gimmicky and ridiculously expensive products which claim they are capable of inhibitng these and promoting that without side effect..bla bla bla. I'm sure many other users of these huge range of topical products agree with me.

Except for one. The minoxidil, which is scientificaly claim as the only topical solution which works on hair loss. The minoxidil usually available in a form of varying degrees of strength from 2 to 5 percent. However I have not tested on them before. So for those who are looking for a hair loss solution without serious side effect, I reckon that they try the minoxidil(rogaine) and save themselves the trouble, time and money on other products which I highly doubt will work.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Late action better than none

I knew I have to do something to save my hair before its gone forever. My hair loss had reached its worst level at around norwood 3 then. After tons of product trial and error, advices, hair loss centre, etc, which took me huge amount of time, frustation and money, I finally found few products which actually really work and would be able to regrow and savior my hair.

Late action is better than no action to save your hair. I have grew back lots of my hair since. At least I get to be my old self again amid the regimen i still have to follow to completely regrow all my lost hair or at the least maintain my current condition. I give my self a norwood scale 1 if u would ask. Only a little temple recession is still noticable(hardly). Though, I still felt that my hair is not as thick as it used to be during my teenage years ^_^. Could not have ask for more. What a relief!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Hair Loss & Dating?

When it comes to dating...only night dates for me. Afternoon date is a no-no. I will try to comb and make myself look best before going out and imagine that i will look like that throughtout my outing so as to not lose any confidence. Definately no looking at the mirror or myself after that else will affect my mood. Even on night dates, i will choose to go places that in not so brightly lit. LOL. So dating can be a tiring ordeal for me and i usually avoid them. Nothing seem to excites or interest me anymore. Loser? Yes i admit!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hair Loss can change personality.

Changed my job again after a few months. I guessed its normal for a fresh graduate to job hop around. well..my hair loss did not improve at all. Im getting really depressed and my mom knew that. She got me all kinds of vitamins and "herbs" for my hair if it is any help. You are right, it didn't work. My hair loss gotten worse and im starting to lose interest in my work. I am just to moody to work. I am losing interest in doin what i used to enjoy doing.

Everytime i looked at the mirror or something reflective where i can see myself, my mood will change instanly, i think they call it mood swing (like women) even i was a happy man a minute ago. My job, my work took a plunge in productivity. Bad productivity and performance in whatever tasks i was assign to. I just didn't care anymore.

My boss can see that. Yeap..was summon into his office and ask me what was wrong and bothering me. But i kept quiet about it as i am again just too embarased to discuss about my hair loss which is affecting me. I don't even care if I lose my job anymore. Talking to somebody about my hair loss is just not me, not my style at all even among my closest friends.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hair Loss Experience(Late Action)

I started to lose some hair at about the age of 22. The tremmendous pressure i was under while pursuing my bachelors degree may have trigger it. I guess it was mainly because of my family's tight financial and the cost it used to take me to complete a degree course. As i was already the burden to my family, additional pressure from my relatives to strive and successfully attaining that degree with flying colors made my problem worse.

Actually i did not bother much about it in the first place as i thought it may be only temporary. Afterall im only 22 and still young. Things did not improve as my hair loss did not subside when i started working while waiting for the examination results. One of my colleague (jokingly or seriously, i don't know) commented that i may be completely bald by the age of 30. That comment shook me seriously and it hurts mentally. I started to lose huge amount of confidence+performance and always feeling insecure and worried each time i talk to people or somebody from far started looking at me and especially if i caught their eyes looking or staring above my forehead.

Eventhough, from the look of it, my hair still looks good and i still look good i say to myself. Well, it's the truth at that time. Only that it is not as thick as it used to be. Deep down inside me, I don't want anybody to notice that im losing my hair. Its embarassing to me. I started to avoid and keep all conversation short with no matter whom i talk to. I know, these stresses and worries i am giving myself may have accelerated my hair loss. Damn.

I still did not take any action and i avoided talking to anyone about my hair loss as i still strongly believe my hair loss my have been a short temporary hair loss type. In the mean time i have switch to another job, in a better enviroment and good looking office environment. No one commented about my hair during my days in that company. But what bothered me was the washroom in that company have spotlights? or some strong lighting all over, particularly in front of the mirror. I look bad. Really ugly under those lighting condition. I can see my scalp alot!! My hair was getting thinner, despite not in a very serious condition yet i can say.

It was from that experiece, i will try my best to avoid places with strong or bright lights especially spotlights. I avoided going outdoor too much if it's nothing important or enjoyable as much because the sun is very bright (duh!) I don't want any of my friends or colleague to notice my hair. Hehe.

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